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Please join us on the corner of 12th Street and Commercial in Anacortes on
Sunday, September 11th in tribute to the 9*11 victims as we commerate the 10th Anniversary of the Muslim attack on the Twin Towers.


We have lots of our "Proud to be an American", "God Bless the USA", "Thanks U.S. Military", "Let Freedom Ring", "Veterans for Victory" and "Support the Troops" type signs. We also have about 12 American Flags available, but urge everyone to bring one from home if they have one.


We will be proudly standing in shifts on the following hours throughout the day:


8:00 AM to 9:30 AM
11:30 AM to 1:30 pm
5:00pm until 6:30pm


Please respond via E-Mail or by phone, (293-7044) to the times you will be able to attend. If we can garner enough participation we may forgo the hours and extend the vigil to an all-day event.

Andy & Mary


God Bless America

Freedom Tower

"Look Ma... No Dome!"

  2011 Tax Day Tea Party
2011 Tea party graphic

We cannot do this ALONE!  It takes YOU!!!

Let this day be a notice to those in office.  Spending is still out of control.  The tax burden on “We the people”, our children and our grandchildren is un-surmountable for the unforeseen future, yet spending reaches unsustainable heights.

“We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any longer.”

Tell our State and National leaders know that "We are Not Going Away!" We’re independent, self-reliant, forward thinking citizens – peaceful and patriotic – and we’re not alone. Families and folks of all ages take part in this great American experience.  Even if you can’t join in the rally, drive by with your flags or honk in support.

  • Your attendance helps to send the message to our elected representatives in Washington DC  to stop spending money they don't have and to govern in accordance with the Constitution.
  • This is all for our bring 'em all...from the grand-kids to the grandmas and grandpas...along with friends, neighbors, co-workers, all you know who cares about preserving our great nation. 
  • Circulate this announcement e-mail so we can reach even more people with information about the Tax Day event.

 Please join with us for April 15th Tax Day Tea Party.
Now is the time to stop just sending emails and talking! It is time again to

Our Legislators WILL HAVE TO LISTEN! On Tax Day groups of concerned Americans are gathering in cities & towns across the Nation to have our voices heard.

Wear clothes for the weather of the day. Bring a Flag! BRING ALL YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY!

If you can, make a sign on heavy paper with big bold letters that will be easy for passers-by to read. Try to keep it simple.

We will have a few extra signs available if you are not able to make one. Any time at all that you can spend during these hours will be great.

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! If you cannot attend our Anacortes event...Find one near you!!!!!!!!

PLEASE...Pass this on...

THANK YOU for being a Patriot!


Here are the details:

The corners of 12th and Commercial Ave
Anacortes, Washington
April 15th 2011  Noon to 6:00pm
Contact: Mary or Andy Stevens  360-293-7044


Saturday, September 11th: Have you forgotten? Please join us ...

911 - 2010

911…. Have you Forgotten? 

 Once again on Saturday the 11th of September we will gather in tribute to the memory of those victims who died so tragically 10 years ago.  A decade has passed since our citizens, like so many before, and so many since, were wantonly slaughtered to further a twisted religious radicalism based on the belief that the pathway to heaven is paved with blood of the infidel. 

 Infidel… that’s you and me folks!

 Now these assholes want to build a Mosque on the very ground where dozens of our citizens leaped in terror from windows fifty stories above to escape the inferno and carnage. Building a mosque on the site representing thousands of unmarked graves of our good citizens who so horribly died is the epitome of sacrilege.

 If I sound a little radical here, so be it.  I’m way tired of the cloak of political correctness.  We all should be. This era of mindless social acceptance, radical pandering, sensless spending and political posturing is sheer lunacy. 

 It’s high time to put aside the “I’m OK, You’re OK” dogma.  Plug in your thinking cap and analyze and recognize things for what they are.  It’s alright to call a turd a turd.


911 – 2010 Never Forget

 For the tenth year we will gather once again in remembrance.

 When:  Saturday, September 11th.

 Where:  The Northeast corner of 12th & Commercial Avenue in Anacortes, Washington

 Times:  8:00 AM to 1:00 PM

            4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Bring a flag or a sign, or both if you like.  We have a few flags and signs available for those of you who may not have one available.

 A great sign would be “No Mosque at WTC”.

 Any time you wish to spend, be it an hour or the entire day, will be greatly appreciated.


Andy and Mary Stevens

2010 Tax Day Teaparty: The one year anniversary

Tea Party.jpg

Hello and Thank You… 

To all who joined us in person and in spirit on the corner of 12th and Commercial in Anacortes for our 2nd Tax Day Tea Party. As a precursor we were both surprised and blessed with favorable articles and interviews from the local news media, to whom we extend our thanks.

 On a day with predicted showers we were blessed with sunshine and a few sprinkles and much enthusiasm. On a day for the working class we had we had a large turnout of folks who either took the day off or found time during lunches or breaks to add their physical presence and support.

 The complexion of the “Tea Partiers” ranged in age from five to ninety.  Attending were doctors, lawyers, teachers, republicans, democrats, liberals, independents, union-members, workers and unemployed, a cross section of Americans with one concern, “Where in the hell is our Country headed.”  We were joined by political candidates Mike Newman, John Swapp and Dusty Gulleson, each  with “Tea Party” values who took time share their views and platform with the crowd.  We were visited by reporters and photographers who documented OUR event.

 We did not keep a running count of visitors but at any given time there were anywhere from 80 to 150 in attendance. By our best-guesstimation we feel the days total attendance to be somewhere in the vicinity of five hundred plus.

 So once again, THANK YOU for joining us and THANK YOU for making a difference.

 Andy and Mary Stevens


Anacortes 2010 Tea Party Slide Shows

TP01.jpg    TP02.jpg


Anacortes 2010 Tea Party Schedule

2011 Anacortes Tea Party Calendar

Please note this schedule on your calendar at home. Try to make as many dates as you can. 
Any and all time is well spent and will help make us a stronger nation.

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2009 Tea Party 4th of July... Anacortes

Our Fourth of July Tea Party in Anacortes was a unqualified success. 

 Congratulations and a hearty ‘thanks’ to all who participated as well as those who were there in spirit. What a turn out! 

Mary and I worked very hard, organizing, contacting folks, placing ads and posts on the internet, sending e-mails all hours of the day and answering phones.  Going in, the consensus was “The Fourth of July” is a bad day to hold an event but we’ve proven them wrong. The result was well worth the effort.

 We tried to make the rounds during the event and thank everyone but if we missed anyone….

 Once again, kudos to all…

 A special thanks is also in order to those who joined us earlier in our “Support our Troops” presence in the Anacortes 4th of July parade.

Andy and Mary Stevens


2009 Tax day tea party in Anacortes a huge success!


    2009 Anacortes Tax Day Tea Party Video....


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